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Grant Recipient

Reginald Jenkins


I am submitting an application for your review from Reginald Jenkins, who was diagnosed with a C 5, incomplete spinal cord injury sustained from a fall down stairs. We have known Reggie and monitored his therapy for some time now, and his progress as a result of a more intensified therapy is evidenced by everyone, as is his glowing and positive personality.

Working with referring PT Cammie Adkins, Reggie has gained upper body strength and balance, enabling walking with a walker – contributing to increasing functionality.

From Reggie’s application:

“My ultimate goal is to regain ability to walk without assistance or adaptive aids”

Progress through therapy “ignites a flame in my spirit to volunteer to tell my story, raise awareness in others, encourage others to never give up.”

“…walk on strong legs to give my precious two daughters…hand in marriage”

“I am assisted by my parents to pay for a home healthcare aide @ $ 54 daily. My income does not give much left over from Social Security. My parents are willing to eliminate the home healthcare aide and spend money to help extend my therapy.”

Whenever possible, we award grants for therapy to bridge gaps in insurance benefits. Since Reggie’s source for therapy funding is Medicare, we’re proposing a grant to continue therapy until Medicare benefits resume in 2011.


The Board of Directors unanimously approved the grant and it was awarded in August 2010.

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