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Lissette is a 35 year old woman diagnosed with a C 4/5 spinal cord injury suffered, “While diving off a cliff I landed wrong with my head and the impact with the water broke my neck.”

She lives in San Diego, in close proximity to Project Walk, a highly regarded and intensive rehabilitation center (for SCI) that shares our philosophy of intense, weight bearing/resistance training. Polly Swingle (PT and Foundation officer) and I have visited the facility, and come away impressed. Lissette has a history of success at this facility, including:“I regained a remarkable amount of strength in my upper body. Able to stand for periods of 20 to 30 minutes (assisted by someone) using a walker with arm supports; my legs respond well, knees lock out. I feel great in general, more confident and stronger.”

Polly has communicated with Lissette and Project Walk staff, resulting in a recommendation to provide a grant for a specified return visit(s). Since Project Walk services are not covered and Lissette has limited resources, we propose a grant for 42 visits over a three month period. We believe this will further progress toward her stated goals: “My main goal is, of course, to walk again and I believe it is possible. More immediate goals would be to be able to swim (haven’t tried it yet), and I want to do hand cycling. I want to get my core strong enough so I can sit up on my own and transfer myself. I don’t intend to give up. No matter how long it takes!”


The Board of Directors unanimously approved the grant and it was awarded in June, 2010.

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